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Welcome to AFFCNY Network

a free support network for New York’s adoptive, foster and kinship communities

The AFFCNY Network was created to provide a safe online space for New York’s adoptive, foster and kinship families to come together in the spirit of connection and support.

Partly in repose to the needs of our families for continued support and education during the COVID-1 pandemic and partly as a result of the success of the 2020 Online Conference, the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York has decided to open up this virtual space to the larger New York state community. We relaunched on September 1, 2020 as the newly rebranded AFFCNY Network; designed to be a closed social network, much like Facebook, but dedicated to the needs to the states adoptive, foster and kinship families.  

With your free membership, you can create a personal member profiles and connect with people you know.  As we come together as a dedicated online community, we can also split off and form smaller groups, topics and discussions based on your own family’s specific needs, interests, challenges or location. The space is dedicated to the needs to the adoptive, foster and kinship families.  All of the Coalition's hosted events on our Training and Events RSVP Page can be easily accessed by members from within the Network as well. Familiar features such as groups, events and private chats along with notifications and a wonderfully adapted mobile application are sure to make the AFFCNY Network a much needed oasis that you can go to again and again.

Just click the button this page that says JOIN!

Joining us for the 34th Annual New York State Foster Care and Adoption Conference?  

This year, you can choose to join IN PERSON or VIRTUALLY or a COMBINATION OF BOTH! 

Make sure you register at AFFCNY.ORG/REGISTRATION!

There are limited spaces for IN PERSON so don't wait!

It will only take about a minute to become a Network member!

  • You will be asked to make an account with your name and photo, then choose NEXT.
  • Add your email and create a password, confirm it and create your account!
  • You may choose to use your Facebook or LinkedIn credentials to log in; remember this to log in the same way next time!
  • Once you have created your account and accessed the AFFCNY Network, you ONLY SIGN IN NEXT TIME! ( it sounds confusing but its really easy!)
  • If you have already joined and accessed the Coalition Conference Community, then you are already a member of the AFFCNY Network!  Do not JOIN,  but SIGN IN. 

That's it!

About the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York 

Incorporated in 1975, the Coalition unites foster, adoptive and kinship care families, giving them a voice and providing support, information and advocacy. By fostering communication and collaboration between families, agencies and concerned citizens, we seek to ensure the stability, well-being and permanency of all children. Our vision is that no foster, adoptive or kinship care family in New York State will feel alone or unsupported and that all such families will have the tools, support and community they need to nurture their children and be role models for others. 


Think of the AFFCNY Network a cleaner, simpler Facebook that has awesome mobile features and capabilities. That means you can get the App for free on your devices and access trainings, events, support and information in multiple ways as needed. With access on your phone, you can control the level of notifications and reminders so you never have to miss a thing.